Lightweight ViVA Creeper Shoes

T.U.K. New Lightweight ViVA Creeper Shoes

Launching this Spring, the new T.U.K. ViVA Creepers will implement an updated construction and composition concept into the brand’s footwear offering to introduce a more modern, versatile and higher quality creeper to the market. In comparison to T.U.K.’s classic creepers that are made with Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) outsoles, which yields a more heavy and inflexible overall composition, the new T.U.K. ViVA Creepers will feature styles that are created with mold injected Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsoles and rubber outsoles. The extra strip of rubber added to the bottom of the outsole will provide higher durability compared to traditional outsoles while the EVA midsole will lend a more flexible and lightweight composition to the shoe. With the characteristically large surface area and depth of the traditional creeper’s sole, the new materials used will make a significant difference to the overall composition of the shoe, making a pair of ViVA Creepers up to one pound lighter than the original styles.

T.U.K.’s ViVA sole is here to revolutionize the Creeper. Keeping all the original styling that makes this shoe iconic, then adding the comfort expected from modern footwear, the styles will continue to feature T.U.K.’s signature bold, edgy aesthetic.



Phil Gibson "putting them on again to show them off."